Membership Requirements:

  • Membership is open to any undergraduate or graduate student at the University of Maine with a passion for service.
  • You can join Circle K at anytime throughout the year, at the beginning of a semester, the end, or right in the middle of one, it doesn’t matter. Just stop by at one of our meetings, service projects, or social events!
  • Club fees per member will be settled upon at the beginning of the year depending on number of members and can range from $15-$25. Included in this fee is the District’s fee of $6 per member as well. This fee will allow you to officially be recognized as a member of Circle K International. (Dues can be paid in increments or if there are any issues with paying the dues just talk to the club president and they’ll try to figure something out for you).
  • At the end of the year every dues paid member will be recognized and officially installed as a member of Circle K International at the End of the Year Banquet. It is here that new members will receive their membership cards, pins, and handbooks.
  • Even if you cannot attend meetings you can still participate in our numerous service activities and events!

For more information on how to join contact Daniel Norwood on FirstClass at