CKIx (International Convention and large Scale Service Project): This is a wonderful opportunity where Circle K members from all over gather together to celebrate a successful service year, apply for awards, run for International office, delegates vote on the international officers and amendments at the house of delegates. It’s a great networking opportunity as you meet members from all over various regions and districts! Prior to convention members volunteer in the host city to thank them for hosting us!

CKIx 2014: June 17-22, 2014 

for more information and to register follow the link:

Leadership Academy: Leadership Academy is a 6 day event where Circle Kers from all over the globe come together to grow and develop as leaders. It will be taking place. Anyone is welcome to apply from any CKI club. It is a life changing experience and highly recommended. Words cannot describe the growth one experience from this event and how much you learn about CKI and yourself and bond with fellow Circle K members. Below is the link with all the information. If you have any questions contact Past Leadership Attendee Daniel Norwood via email:

LA 2014: July 27-August 1

For more information follow the link:

Governor and Administrator Training Conference (GATC):  This is a training for Newly elected District Governors and the District Administrator to attend and prepare for the upcoming service year. They meet the other district Governors as well as the International Board and learn what they will need to know in order to successfully run their respective Districts.

GATC 2014: April 11-April 14

For more information follow the link:

Subregion F Event: A region wide event where Circle K members from throughout Sub-region F go to a designated city/area and perform service projects, bond with one another, and just have fun!

F Yeah Event Date: TBA


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