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Circle K is an international organization that is led by an international board who are all students. The International board includes the International President, International Vice President, and  eight International Trustees, one from Each sub-region.

A sub-region is made up of multiple districts. there are eight sub-regions making up the whole of Circle K International. The Sub-regions are as follows.

Sub-region A: Montana, Pacific-Northwest, Utah-Idaho and Western Canada districts

Sub-region B: California, Nevada and Hawaii, Rocky Mountain and Southwest districts

Sub-region C: Illinois-Eastern Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota-Dakotas and Wisconsin Upper-Michigan districts

Sub-region D:  Kansas, Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee, Missouri-Arkansas, Nebraska-Iowa and Texas-Oklahoma districts

Sub-region E: Kentucky-Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia districts

Sub-region F: Capital, Eastern Canada, New England, New Jersey and New York districts

Sub-region G:  Alabama, Carolinas, Caribbean, Georgia and Florida districts

Sub-region H: The District of Andean and Central America and all non-districted clubs outside North America


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